Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome, Tina!

Please help me welcome another new member to our group.  Tina is joining us from British Columbia, Canada, and will begin swapping with us in June.  When you have a minute, check out Tina's blog, Everybody Needs A Little Sugar.

Linda G

Block for Margaret


I am late this month so I am posting the image tonight and mailing in the morning.  Its been a busy month at my house we have a brand new baby at home this month and the guilt of getting my May swap partner has prompted me to get this done now and not let another day go by.

Thanks Richard Healey

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sneak Peak for Charlene

Trying to be a bit more organised this month and have made
Charlene's block for May.
Here is a sneak peak.

It will leave Australia next week and begin it's journey home to the US.

hugs, Sharon

Friday, April 27, 2012

Michelle J Colorado

Sorry Everyone for the late post. This block I made for Cathy in Australia.
 This Beautiful green block was from Cathy my swap partner in Feb.
 I made this block for Karen in Oregan.
 And recieved this beautiful flower block from her. with a post card that mentioned portland was know as ( Rose City). Thank you ladies

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For Masha in Russia

I finally got it done!  Hope you like it.  

Sneek Peek for Jodi

I finally got Jodi's block for April done!  It's been sitting there, half cut and half done nearly all month.  Sometimes I'm such a slacker.  Hope when you see it in real life you will like it, the colors in the pic aren't as bright as they are to the eye.

Hubby will put it in the mail tomorrow morning for me!


for Jessica

Here's a little sneak peak for Jessica.  I hope you like it!

Peak for Shannon

Hi Shannon,
Here is a sneak peak of your block :)

It is making it's way from Australia to you as I type!

Hope you like it.

hugs, Sharon

A block from Nancy H.

Hello there!
I received a block from Nancy H. who hails from In.  My camera is NOT working, so I will just say that it is a delicious star.

Thank you Nancy - I am so glad that you posted it.
I have tried to email you several times and keep getting my emails returned?!
 Gotta love the internet, lol

Block from Karen

Here is my April block from Karen. I'm so happy with it. Great colors and especially love the citrus fabric. So much fun! Thanks, Karen...

Card Trick block ...

Leona A requested a CardTrick block in red and aqua with white background fabric ...
 ... well here is what I made for her ... I do hope you like it Leona ..  
this block would have to be one of my very favorite blocks ... 

my partner for last month (March) was Brenda .. and this is the block I made for her ... 

And this is the 9 patch that I received from Brenda ... thank you it is lovely ... 



I have had a few emails regarding the size of blocks members are receiving.  The blocks being received are ranging anywhere from 11.5" to 13 inches.  The block you are to make is to be 12.5 inches square.  If the block is the wrong size, it can't be used. 
I have also received a few complaints on the colors being used are not what was stated in as their partner's preference.  If you do not have the colors of fabric your swap partner requests, please contact them and see if there isn't another color you could use that would still please your partner.
We want everybody to be happy!  So remember, measure your block before sending it out in the mail and do your best to use the colors your swap partner requests.

12.5" square

Linda G

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Block For Blondie

Nancy asked me to post this photo of the block she made for Blondie.

Linda G

Shannon's Peek See

This is Shannon's Peek See of her little star requested. It was great fun to do ~ thank's Shannon for inspiring me to do a block a had never done. In fact I did it right after returning from the quilt retreat earlier this month, but had to show it off to friends before I could send it on to you, but it's now on route. It was a wonderful way to begin my quilt block swap adventure...
Best, Debra

Monday, April 23, 2012

From Shannon to Sharon

Sharon asked for a modern block and I am not good at modern. LOL! The top peek is my first attempt. I did not think it was good enough so I made a second one. I like it much better. Sharon they will be on their way to you soon!!

From Rachelle to Shannon

For some reason I forgot to post the block I received from Rachelle in the month of February. It is such a great block. She even sent me a scrap of the blue. Thank you!!

Block Swap

Block Swap by creativedawn
Block Swap, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

Block Swap

A New Member and a Reminder

We are one more member larger!!  Please help me welcome Sue S from Indiana.  Sue will begin swapping with the May swap.

And, speaking of the May swap, I will be sending out swap partner information on Wednesday (the 25th).  So if you should have any changes or corrections you would like to make, please do so as soon as possible.
If you do not receive an email with your swap information by the evening of the 25th (USA date/time), please email me.
Make sure that your April blocks are in the mail no later than Wednesday!!  Or if you know you are going to be late, please let your swap partner know immediately.

Linda G

Blocks for Karen in Oregon

So, this was my first month in this adventure....and so much fun. It was wonderful to meet Karen via email and equally fun to make these blocks for her. Looking forward to next month :)

Sneak Peek for Lana in TX

You ever go to someone's blog and feel an instant connection? It happened to me this month with Lana in TX.  She roped me in with those beautiful pictures of her brand new grandbaby.  This log cabin block is in the mail to you, Lana.

Happy April!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A preview for Cyndi

for Cyndi
This is heading out in the mail today from cold wet Sydney Australia to Cyndi in USA, it is this block made in Kaffe Fasset and white.
Sue S


On its way to Quanita this week.  Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

my block from cathy

this is my first month playing! and i can't wait til the next partner assignment!!

i received my block, an asterisk flower, from Cathy C in Aust today.

it came on the perfect day, i needed some block love :) i adore the green background fabric!

thank you for thinking outside your box for me!
here's the block i made for her. she asked for black and white with a splash of red.

shannon b in GA

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blocks for you!

Blocks for my partner! I will be shipping them out next week!

Sneak Peek for Helen in England

Here's a sneak peek for Helen in England.  I put the block in the mail from Ohio, USA, today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

March Block from Lana

I received this block about a week ago and just did not have time to blog. Here it is. I love this block. I did not really know what I wanted but she picked the perfect colors and fabric. Future partners take reference (though I do want your take of my likes :) ).

Thanks a bunch Lana!

my first block recieved!!! :)

...I'm so happy! :) this is my first block I recieved in this project! it's from Shannon. thank you, Shannon, very much! I love your block! perfect sewing! and lovely colors!

if to be honest, I choose not very easy block for my partners :) so many little details!... and I think I couldn't sew it myself as well as Shannon did! thank you again!

have a nice day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

April Block from Raelene

Here's the block I received from Raelene.  The colors are absolutely beautiful.  I would never had put something like this together.  I am definitely learning lots from all of you putting together such pretty combinations.

Thank you, Raelene!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Are Growing Once Again

Please help me welcome our two newest members:

Patricia L joins us from Hertfordshire, UK.  You can visit her at her blog, P.S. I Want To Quilt Too!!


Ida joins us from Texas, USA.  You can visit her at her blog, My sister made me do it....

Welcome ladies!  I hope you have loads of fun.  Both will begin swapping for May.

Linda G

Friday, April 13, 2012

April Block from Dawn

Here's the Pinwheel block Dawn made me. It goes Great with the rest of my blocks. Thanks Dawn!

April Block For Pamela

Samara asked me to post this for her:

Samara said "Here is a picture of the April block I have sent to Pamela. It was such a pleasure making this block for Pamela, her preferences are quite open and that was a joy."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Beautiful Block from Karyli

Today my mail person brought me this beautiful block from Karyli.  This is the Along the Oregon Trail block.  Didn't she do a beautiful job on it?  I love the fabrics she chose, and her piecing is perfect.  Thank you, Karyli! (Big hug.)  And thank you for being my partner this month.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

two blocks in a week

Block from Cyndi

Block and spare fabric from Lisa
Not sure if I blogged about Lisa's March block arriving or not, with Easter in Australia a 4 day long weekend i completely forgot to show you the lovely block Lisa sent me.
Cyndi is way quicker than I am and her April block arrived today in the mail. I changed what I wanted made last month to any star block, these are going to be a quilt for someone for Christmas, I think!
Sue S

March and April

I received 2 great blocks

March block from Meg in NC

 April block from Debra in TX

Both are great blocks and will look good in my quilt