Monday, October 31, 2011

Shannon's October block

Here is the wonky star block that I made for Shannon this month.  It is the first time that I have gone wonky and it was fun.  I found it to be a little bit like paper piecing in that I had a lot of fabric wasted(but saved for scraps : ).  I may have been doing something wrong, but it was fun and I hope it works well with the other blocks that she receives.  I have another wonky block to make for November, so I am glad I can use my new learned "wonky"   I really enjoy this Block Swap Adventure!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful October blocks from Kathy

Kathy sent me two blocks this month, because the darker one was a bit small.  Both are gorgeous!  Thanks  Kathy!


Block for Lillian

I know that my partner got her October blockn a while back because she told me in an email.  I haven't seen it posted so here it is: 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct Block from Jody and Sept Block from Laurrie

Here's my Sept block from Jody.

Am a bit behind posting this block I recieved. This is from Laurrie for Sept.e
I'm heading into the crazy time at work...retail! But hopefully, I can find the time to take a picture of all my blocks, so far, together. It should be neat to see what I have and how many more I "need" to make my red, pink, and aqua quilt.

October Block from Janet in Canada

Here's the block I received from my partner for the October Block Swap Adventure.  Janet from Canada sent me this.  Some of the fabrics she hand dyed herself!  Impressive, huh?  I love it!  Thanks, Janet!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Promised Peak for Becky

Wow! Wonky may look like a simple off the cuff technique, but this block took me 2 hours! Can you say anal? I obviously can! Thanks for the challenge, Becky. Hope it loosened me up a little!

Here's my October block from Samantha!

Thanks Samantha it looks great and i love the fairy frost background!
Linda 2B

October block for Shannon

Here is a peek at the block I am sending Shannon.
This is the lovely bachelor puzzle block that I received from Shannon.
Another great swap : )

October block

October block by creativedawn
October block, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

Here is a sneak peek of Brenda's block!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Block Recieved

Received from Susan in MD. Isn't it wonderful?

Thank you so much! I am thrilled.

October Block Sneak Peak for Melissa in Ohio

Melissa requested a fall quilt block. Think leaves/trees she says. So I tried to find a fall block but did not, so I googled "tree quilt block" and found a pattern which I revised to suit my needs. All the 2 1/2 in blocks (seen on the left) are hand-dyed, as well as the background. I am very pleased with this block--it's my favorite so far. Thanks for just giving an "idea", Melissa, and allowing me to stretch my imagination beyond "normal". Hope you like it.
Becky in Tulsa

October blocks

Here is a sneak peak at my block for Susan L.

Here is my block from Susan that I received yesterday. Another nice star block.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cheery Cheeries

I received this bright and cheery block from Jaime on Friday.  I just love the cherries and the lime green and red dotted fabrics.  Thank you so very much, Jaime!!

Linda G


Your blocks are due out in the mail no later than Tuesday, October 25.  I will be sending out emails with swap partner assignments for November on Tuesday.

Linda G

Friday, October 21, 2011

Block from Laurrie and Peek for Laurrie

Isn't it darling? This is my block from Laurrie. Thank you so much for it. I just love black, red, and white together almost as  much as teal. Oh, peeking out from under is the block I sent Laurrie.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Received from Lori in WI

Lori - thank you so incredibly much! I absolutely love the blocks, the towel and the little dish cloth. Your girls are clearly quite talented! And you are so generous!

Here are the gorgeous blocks Lori sent to me:

Thank you!!!
Melissa :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blocks so far

I thought I would post all the blocks I have recieved so far.  The ghost was a bonus from Mary.

:o) Colleen

From Carolyn to Lana

This Block ROCKED! 
Thank you Carolyn!!!
I love all the fabrics- you did a glorious job!

Peek for Sunny

So..... I finished this last night, Sunny, but my car won't start this morning, so I won't get to the post office until tomorrow. Silly car. Guess it's jealous of the attention the *other* car is getting at the shop!  :P

Sneak Peek for Laurrie

The strips are cut; hopefully, it will be completed by morning.  :o)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sneak Peek for Jodi

Here is a tease for Jodi

Jodi, your block will be in the mail on Monday.

Thank you to Jody from Susan in WA

Jody sent me the best block! I love it Jody, thanks so much for being part of the block swap.

susan in spokane

October block for Kathy

Hi Kathy ,  Your block will be in the mail on Monday.  Here's a sneak peek for you...


Thank you, Linda! & a sneak peek for you

Here is the block I received from Linda this past week along with the other blocks I have collected or made for a sampler quilt I plan to make.

oc pictures 1886

Her block has the golden background.  It is called A Dandy and I think it’s a perfect addition!  Thank you!!!

Here is a sneak peek 0f the block I will mail you on Monday:

oc pictures 1885

Hope it is bright enough:)

Fallen behind, but caught up!

I fell behind a bit lately, but I have been working overtime the past two days to catch up, and I am happy to say I did it! I have already emailed you three ladies, but here are sneak peeks for some blocks heading out in the mail tomorrow:

Leanne- This is your shabby chic block, and seeing as its the first time I have ever attempted anything along those lines, I really really hope you like it!

Karyli- Here is a tiny glimpse of your sailboat block! It was my first sailboat block ever, but I was SO excited to use this blue fabric, it was absolutely perfect for the water! I tried to use fabrics that had the appearance of "texture" to emphasize the boat itself, and I hope that you like the final outcome!

Natasha, this block is one of the ones you requested, and I hope the colors (which are a little bit darker in real life than the picture) are satisfactory for you!

I loved making all of these blocks, and it feels so good to be back in front of my sewing machine!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneak Peek for Linda in AZ

Linda's sneak peek!  She said she likes the "Card Trick" block and let me pick what color I wanted to make it in so here is her peek!

Sneak Peek for Janet in Canada

Here's a sneak peek of the block I mailed yesterday.  It is for Janet in Carcross, Yukon Territory, Canada.  It is coming from Kathy in Ohio, USA.  Enjoy, Janet!

From Colleen September

This is the block that I recieved from Colleen in NC.  Exactly the perfect colors and I love the block!  Thank you SO much!!

August block from Gemma

I have received this beautiful pinwheel block from Gemma for
the August swap 

this gorgeous block looks like it is hand sewn!  it was definitely worth the wait - thank you Gemma ;-) 

Gemma, also sent a postcard, but I forgot to take a photo - sorry ;-(

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sneak Peak for Lori in WI

I hope you like it! I went with the Reds and Aquas you said you liked!

Melissa :)

To Penny from Laurrie in Canada

I received my October block yesterday from Laurrie.  Isn't this pretty???  Thank you Laurrie!  I'll have yours in the mail next week!  :o)

Would You Like A Break?

With the holidays fast approaching I've been thinking about our swap group and December.  Would you be interested in taking a month off from swapping in December?  I have set up a poll where you can vote in the right sidebar.  If the majority of you vote for a December holiday break, then we will take the month off and resume swapping in January.  If the majority of you don't want to quit making blocks, then we will all continue right through the month of December.  I am leaving this poll open until November 20th and will include a reminder to vote with the next swap partner assignments on the 25th.  Of course, you can always voice your opinion in the comments - but don't forget to place your vote!

Linda G

Block from Jennifer

i received this block from Jennifer Saturday and forgot to post it. I really like the colors and I know it will be great with all my other blocks

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blocks from Tiffany

Tiffany felt bad that she mailed these late, so sent me two!  that is so cool of her!  She also used all four of the colors I asked for, pink, green, blue and brown, thanks so much Tiffany!  I love my blocks!

October Block, Sneak Peak for Susan in MD

Your block is on the way. I hope you enjoy it!

September Block, Sneak Peak for Susan in WA

This is my "tail between my legs" way of letting you know that your block is finally finished and on its way. I hope you enjoy it and that it's a good fit with the other blocks you receive!

And thank you again for the beautiful wonky log cabin block.

Sunny, this *is* beautiful!

My block from Sunny arrived this afternoon, and it is gorgeous. Look at the awesome Thanksgiving focal fabric in the center! Thank you.  :D

Sneak Peek for Lana From Carolyn

Carolyn H asked me to post this sneak peek for Lana.  She included in her note to me "I almost kept it myself because of the fun old colonial colors I used as she requested".  But not to worry, Carolyn said it would be going out in today's mail.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Shannon to Elizabeth

Elizabeth, good morning! Here is a sneak peek of your block. It is on it's way to you. I did not have any Kaffe Fasset fabrics but I hope that this is close enough. I thought it very bright and happy! What a fun block to put together!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sneak Peek for Cathy in Australia

Cathy, I had so much fun planning and making your block.  It is fall around here and it was fun to make the block in fall colors for you.  This is only a peek.  I hope you like it.

Luv ya,  Jodi from Colorado

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sneak Peek for Sandi

I was lucky enough to have two swap partners this month!
Here's a sneak peek for Sandi.  Sandi requested fall colors and really likes Halloween.  This block is on its way!

Linda G

Sneak Peek For Jamie

I can't believe how bright the colors are in this photo.  They really are much more muted along the line of Civil War fabrics.  Isn't amazing what a camera will pick up?  This is a sneak peek for Jamie.  Your block went out in the mail today!

Linda G

Sneek Peak...

A lil-look-sie for...
Melissa~ from

The weather in Wisconsin is un-seasonably warm today near 80*
so the children & I are going to walk up town to the post office & thought
we'd give you just a wee lil- peek!
Hope you will enjoy~