Friday, December 31, 2010

Cajun Twist For Kurt

Kurt asked for a take on Art Deco Theme. Mmmm...small town cajun has no idea what that is so  to the internet to find out. Straight lines with lots of rich dark colors.WOW! Love the concept. Just one problem - only solids...not happening!
So Kurt is getting Art Deco with a crawfish eating, boudin toting, cracklin poppin' twist! Here's a preview...
Lator to prepare dogs for shotgun blasting by neighbors! Have a blessed New Years!

Happy New Year~~~~Happy New Swap!

I am looking forward to this block swap adventure, but I have a couple questions.  Could we have some clues on what blocks others have ask for, and their fabric choices?  I am still working on my choices with my swap partner and I would love to know what kind of requests have been made so far of others.  I know we are to keep the block pretty simple, and the fabric choices are to be fairly help me if you can. It might also help me be on the look-out for fabric as I shop, for example, I now know that several of you like civil war fabric, and there is none in my stash, so I will be looking for some the next time I go fabric shopping!  I think/hope this would help all of us?!?
Thanks, and Happy New Year/Swap!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Aus to Arizona

How exciting to be starting a new year and another swap group!
I made a block for Barbara but you'll have to wait to see the complete block until it has been received. So until then this little snippet will have to do...... :)
Barbara wished for a scrappy nine patch in Civil War fabrics.
Hope this is what she wanted ?
Happy New Year Everyone!

Bringing In The New Year

As the year comes to a close I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year!

If you haven't joined our group and are looking for something different for the new year - you can still join.  It is never too late to become a member of the Block Swap Adventure.  To get started just drop me a line either in the comment box or by email.

For those of you who are already members - I look forward to seeing some sneak peeks of the blocks you have made for your January swap partners.  I can't wait to see all of the creativity that is happening.

May 2011 be everything you want it to be!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I seemed to have confused and panicked some of our members and understandably so.  The blocks I have been giving sneak peeks of are for the January swap.  These blocks are not due until January 25, 2011.  I just had a little extra time and thought I would get mine done early.

In the future, I will not be sending out swap partners until the 25th of the month for the next month.  So the next email stating who your swap partner will be will not be sent out until January 25th.  With Christmas being the 25th, I knew I wouldn't be on the computer and didn't want to wait until the 28th to send the emails out.

I'm sorry for the panic I may have caused.  Everybody take a deep breath and enjoy your Christmas!  No blocks due until next month - or for that matter - until next year :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two More Sneak Peeks

Because of a partner assignment error this month, I am making three blocks to swap with three different partners.  I have no one to blame but myself - *sigh*.  It can only be easier next month.  So I'm going to share two more sneak  peeks with you.......

This is a sneak peek of the block I made for Sue.  She requested autumn tones in the block of my choice. 

This is a block for Shannon, my original January swap partner.  She listed a selection of four blocks but left the colors up to me.  Don't worry Shannon, the colors aren't as pastel as they appear in this picture. 
Both of these blocks will go out in tomorrow's mail but with the way the postal system is overloaded right now, probably won't reach you until some time next week.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sneak Peek For Michelle

Here is a sneak peek of the block I made for Michelle today. It will be going out in tomorrow's mail  I hope this fits with the civil war era fabric she was looking for.

Partners Assigned & Emails Sent

Hi All! 

I just finished sending out all of the emails with swap partners assignments.  If you are a member of the swap and didn't get an email from me, please let me know immediately.  I don't want anybody to be missed or to think that I was ignoring them!  Sometimes, emails get lost in cyber space - spinning out of control into the stratosphere.

It is most important that you communicate with your partner!  Check to make sure that their preferences are still the same.  It is especially nice if you could also let them know when their blocks are being mailed out.  Also, let your partner know when you have received the block they made for you.

When you have completed your block - don't forget to take a picture!  You can post a sneak (only part of the block) peak of your block on this blog or you can wait until your partner let's you know the block has been received to post the entire block.  Another option is to let you partner post a picture of the block once he/she has received it.

In the future, block swap partner info will be sent out closer to the 25th of the month.  With the holidays and all I didn't want to wait to send out the emails until next week some time.  Think of this as a head start for the first month of our swap.

I hope everybody has a lot of fun making and receiving their blocks!!

If any of you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me either through this blog or by email at

If you would still like to join in the fun here at Block Swap Adventure, just leave a comment below or email me.  Enrollment is always open.  The more the merrier!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

January Block Swap Adventure Partners

I will be sending out emails with partner assignments on Monday, December 20th for January's block swap. 

If you haven't sent me your information to be a part of the great group, please do it as soon as possible.

If you would like to join Block Swap Adventure, the membership is still open - it's never to late to join.  Just leave a comment stating that you would like to join or send me an email to

Happy Holidays to you all!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Celebrate!! We currently have 27 members with others expressing interest!  That means we can swap for over two years and never have a repeat partner!  I hope you will all will remain with us for the long haul.  I think this will be loads of fun! 

I will be sending out swap partner information by the 21st of December.  This way you will have plenty of time after the holiday hustle and bustle to work on your partners block. 

If you are looking at our blog for the first time and think you would be interested in joining or swap, please either email me or leave a comment on this blog.  All skill levels are welcome no matter where you live.  At this time, I am going to leave the membership open even after we start swapping.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Help Needed

I have received an email from a no-reply person that is interested in joining our blog.  If anyone knows who sewjournal is, or some way to contact her, please let me know.  I don't want her to think that I am ignoring her when in fact I have no way to reach her.

I want to welcome each and every new member.  If you know of any one else who is thinking about joining our block swap, please send them this way.  I will be sending out swap information shortly after Christmas.  I'm looking forward to all of the fun!!!!!

Question Answered:
Thanks to Cathy, I have found the blog of sewjournal - it belongs to Munaiba and she is already a member.  Thank you for your help, Cathy!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Come Join The New Block Swap

Welcome to Block Swap Adventure!!!

If you are looking to join a new block swap group, this is the one for you.  This group will make it's first adventure into swapping starting with January 2011. 

This is a community blog open to all quilters regardless of experience - from novice to experienced.  You do not have to have a blog.   Members are partnered each month and will make a 12 inch block (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) according to their partners preferences. Membership is free! All that is required is communication with your partner each month. You must be willing to ship internationally.

All blocks should be made with 100% cotton fabric.  The block should be made following your partners individual requests - color(s) and block design. 

If you are interested in having fun, making new friends, and sharing your creative side then please join our group.

Grab our button from the sidebar.  Share the information with your friends.  Spread the word.  The more the merrier!!

For more information or to join the group please leave a comment or email me at: