Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I seemed to have confused and panicked some of our members and understandably so.  The blocks I have been giving sneak peeks of are for the January swap.  These blocks are not due until January 25, 2011.  I just had a little extra time and thought I would get mine done early.

In the future, I will not be sending out swap partners until the 25th of the month for the next month.  So the next email stating who your swap partner will be will not be sent out until January 25th.  With Christmas being the 25th, I knew I wouldn't be on the computer and didn't want to wait until the 28th to send the emails out.

I'm sorry for the panic I may have caused.  Everybody take a deep breath and enjoy your Christmas!  No blocks due until next month - or for that matter - until next year :)


Lana said...

LOL! I am really looking for it!!!

Karen K said...

Thank you Linda. Merry Christmas to all!