Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year~~~~Happy New Swap!

I am looking forward to this block swap adventure, but I have a couple questions.  Could we have some clues on what blocks others have ask for, and their fabric choices?  I am still working on my choices with my swap partner and I would love to know what kind of requests have been made so far of others.  I know we are to keep the block pretty simple, and the fabric choices are to be fairly help me if you can. It might also help me be on the look-out for fabric as I shop, for example, I now know that several of you like civil war fabric, and there is none in my stash, so I will be looking for some the next time I go fabric shopping!  I think/hope this would help all of us?!?
Thanks, and Happy New Year/Swap!


Susan said...

I just went with colors choices for this swap...aqua,red, pink, and white...that way whatever works and I get a more sampler style quilt. Like you I don't have any civil war fabric, so I'll be on the lookout for those as well.

carolinehemsley said...

Hi Elizabeth - Happy New Year. I am excited to be in my first ever swap! Still working out the details of how to post extra, but have cracked comments. Lol. I like your planning ahead and will watch to see the results. I have just gone for the colour scheme for my blocks - blue and white. Take care. Happy quilting.

Charlene S said...

If it is green, teal, red, black, or brown, you got it. As long as it isn't pastel or pink. As to pattern, your choice...I like it all! Charlene S.

Stray Stitches said...

There are so many in the group and everybody has a different preference - I don't know that it will help you much to have everybody list what they would like. You may end up buying fabric that you will never use. We currently have 47 members - that's almost four years worth of swaps. However, if people would like to comment with their preferences, that is totally up to them.

elizabeth said...

This has been helpful for me. It looks like several are just giving color preferences and leaving the block choice up to their swap partner. This definitely answers my question and no I don't plan to buy fabric for all the blocks at this stash can handle most choices! My partner is a new quilter, and I was having trouble figuring out what block to choose for her that would work later for a swap partner that isn't new to quilting. After the comments given, I think I will give her my colors and let her pick her own pattern. : )
Thanks so much and Happy New Year to all,

Cheryll said...

I think it is a good idea to state a preference in one or the other...that is.. block choice or colours. If you ask for a star in any fabric thats what you'll get but if you want colours then say pink & brown and that helps to narrow it down. I always try to give my partners exactly what they ask for and if they are specific I like it.. and I have changed my preference half way thru a swap too.Most of us are very happy with what we receive...remember it's FuN!