Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Block Sneak Peak for Melissa in Ohio

Melissa requested a fall quilt block. Think leaves/trees she says. So I tried to find a fall block but did not, so I googled "tree quilt block" and found a pattern which I revised to suit my needs. All the 2 1/2 in blocks (seen on the left) are hand-dyed, as well as the background. I am very pleased with this block--it's my favorite so far. Thanks for just giving an "idea", Melissa, and allowing me to stretch my imagination beyond "normal". Hope you like it.
Becky in Tulsa


Melissa said...

I know I will love it. I really wanted everyone to just do what they wanted hoping to get very different blocks. It has worked out great! Keep your eyes peeled because my plan is to post a peek for you tomorrow!!

creativedawn said...

Oh that is wonderful! Mel is so lucky!!! She is going to have some awesome group of blocks for her quilt!!!