Monday, October 3, 2011

Trying to Catch Up

I have been lazy and my to-be-posted file is getting full.  So this is a bunch of pictures of blocks that I have neglected to post the last few months.  (my apologies!)
This is my July sailboat from Janet R.
 ...And August from Helen K.

This pinwheel I sent to Janet R. in July.
 These yellow and gray stars I sent to Helen K. in August.
 This wonky star I sent to Jorie W. in September.

I love this swap!  I have so much fun putting together these blocks (hope you like them as much as I do) and I'm so grateful to my partners for the blocks they make for me.  Also, a big thank you to Linda for all you do for all of us!!
Happy Stitching!


The Mayo Family said...

Wow...pretty collection of blocks!
Yes, I as well enjoy this swap so much!
Linda is a blessing & put alot into all of this to make it happen that is for sure! :)
I am wondering do you know where the pattern is from for that "Pinwheel"? I am loving it! :)

Sue said...

The top sail boat was actually from me for June, you can see it here

Janet said...

And the second sailboat was from me. :)

Karyli said...

I'm so sorry I got them mixed up. That's what I get for putting off posting them. Thanks for them though.

The pinwheel - I just made it up. I started with a sort of flying geese block and went from there.

Linda G. (Stray Stitches) said...

You received and made some beautiful blocks :)