Thursday, October 13, 2011

Would You Like A Break?

With the holidays fast approaching I've been thinking about our swap group and December.  Would you be interested in taking a month off from swapping in December?  I have set up a poll where you can vote in the right sidebar.  If the majority of you vote for a December holiday break, then we will take the month off and resume swapping in January.  If the majority of you don't want to quit making blocks, then we will all continue right through the month of December.  I am leaving this poll open until November 20th and will include a reminder to vote with the next swap partner assignments on the 25th.  Of course, you can always voice your opinion in the comments - but don't forget to place your vote!

Linda G


sunny said...

I voted! I'd like to keep going, but I don't have many of the family obligations that others have. If it will be a hardship for others, I'll certainly understand. My Stay at Home Robin is taking a break in December, because it is a bigger project.

Jamie Lee said...

I voted, too! I'd like to keep going as well.

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

I have voted but I had a thought that maybe the organiser would like to take a break ;-) I am happy to go with the majority ;-)