Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are You Participating?

I love this swap group, I really do!  There are so many wonderful and productive members out there.  But I am sad to say that I have received several complaints lately of members not communicating with each other.  I've also been notified that there are members who are not meeting their obligations by making a block for their swap partner.  This takes the fun out of the swap and lack of fun causes me to become very grumpy and sad.  Thoughts of disolving the group start running around in my head.

Well, it's time for some cleaning out of the membership.  This month, if you do not receive an email in response to one you have sent to your swap partner, please let me know - of course, give them a few days to respond.  If you do not receive a block from your partner, I need to know about that too.  This is meant to be a fun group and lately it seems to have been anything but that from what I've been hearing in the complaint department.  So, be warned....if you do not receive a swap partner from me for the month of October, it's because you are not responding to either me or your swap partners emails.  Please read the following rules:

1. When you receive your email from me with your partner's information, please contact them by email to confirm details and their block preference

2. Make a block for them following their preferences and post it to them by the 25th of the month.   Make a block that you would be happy to receive (pressed, quality fabric, squared up, correct size)

3. Email your partner to let them know that it has gone in the post and that they should be expecting it

4. Email your partner to let them know that you have received their block so that they know their hard work has arrived and is appreciated.

5. If you are going to be unable to swap for any reason (unwell, going away, busy time at work, home etc) please let me know in advance if you are able.  You can sit out one swap, or a few if you know the duration of time you need away, or you can suspend yourself indefinitely and let me know when you are able to rejoin.

Now isn't that simple?  Okay, so much for my foot stomping and hair pulling.  Let's get back to having fun.  I look forward to seeing all of the beautiful creations that will be posted here in the future.

Linda G


Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Linda, I know what you are talking about. I have joined swaps and been very disappointed after sending out my swap to never hear again from the person. Of course there are others I have been very pleased with and made pen pals with. Oops, nothing fair in this life. Pam

Pen Pen said...

I hope everybody plays 'nice'. This is my first month in the swap and my partner and I have emailed several times already... so I know I am in good hands! I hope the group doesn't dissolve so soon. :(

sunny said...

Linda, I'm happy to report that I have no complaints! I've received a beautiful block each month. I usually contact my partner the same day they're assigned. And I love looking for just the perfect block for them. Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this!!

Dawn said...

This sounds like fun. I would love to join your swap if you still have openings. How do I do that?

suemac said...

This is my first block swap and I am really looking forward to it. I have already heard from my partner and replied so I think this month is going to be great.

LynCC said...

Poor Linda - all you hear is the bad stuff, I'm sure. If we all emailed you when we're happy, you'd be flooded! ;D The only huge glitch I've experienced is the mail strike in Canada, which was entirely out of my partner's hands.

The Mayo Family said...

Awe, Miss Linda-
I have so enjoyed being part of the swap & all the partners I have had have been a joy!
I commend all that you do in putting this together every month!
Along with dealing with me....who has taken forever to get it all together! :)
Lets all let Linda know how much we "DO" appreciate this quilting swap! Yea! :)
If someone can not be a part for what ever reason...........
please let her know & then there is not a person left with out a partner!
Also if maybe some one can take 2 for a month-
I can so let me know if you need a extra!
Thanks to all who are willing---
Lori from WI

Jamie Lee said...

Hi Linda, I have really had a lot of fun doing the swaps so far. Maybe I could be Dawn's partner this month. She left a comment above me. I'll email you about it.

Colleen said...

Thanks Linda! I appreciate the work you put into these swaps! Please let me know if someone has not received my blocks. I pretty sure all of mine were sent out and I think I have heard from everyone. But PLEASE anyone email me if there is ever a problem with a block sent out. Sometimes after I send them out it seems to take a while for them to get to get where they are going and I've moved on to other projects.

Lana said...

Thank you Linda...a good reminder never hurts... Love this swap and love all the ladies...I have been late this last few months, but I have tried to keep in touch and then send an extra goodie when it is late...I have appreciated all the sweet spirited ladies in this group that's for sure!!!

Brenda said...

I've received all my blocks so far, just one is late, so am very happy with the swap, just to let you know;)