Monday, October 15, 2012


If you don't succeed the first time...
Try, try again :) Smile!

The first Balkan Puzzle block I made
measured out nearly 1/8" if you will off
on one side!?! Arg! I couldn't believe it?
I am if you will a perfectionist as my girls say
a careful sewer...not that I do not make mistakes,
(I have a basket full) well, blocks for another "use"
however I  carefully measured & sewed these together?
So...even thou Samantha graciously said
"Oh that will be okay",
I said to my daughters "I'd better try again"! Smile!
So...I re-did my pattern, cut measured all the exact same....
HELLO! Perfect!
Thank you Lord I said ....just right?
Who knows what I did but..
Both are tucked in the envelope & on the way!
Thanks Samantha for being so kind...
now you pick the color you like best!
Enjoy them both & thanks for the October swap!
Blessings~ Lori from WI

 This is the second both blocks the colors are much brighter than they look here.

 This is the
"STAR BLOCK" that Samantha sent me...she added a boarder as well for size! Funny how that went.
Thanks Samantha! I love the colors :)



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Sharon said...

Those balkan puzzles are beautiful! What an interesting block

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

wow! what an interesting block - love all the bright colours used