Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hard to part with...

I know, I know sounds silly
however I so do love the "Civil-War Colors"
and when I got the information on my April partner Jeanette T.
I was thrilled as she requested these colors,
then I saw it was a star pattern~wonderful.
At the same time I had been looking at a book from the library
one of my sweet daughters had brought home titled
     Civil War Sampler by: Barbara Brackman
It's not only full of beautiful pictures, it also includes the story about the quilt!
         So, Jeanette's block was created!
Oh what fun...
 then I finished it...
and we all fell in love with it! Smile, I did take it off the studio wall now and mailed it!
I really enjoyed my swap & I so hope it fits in with your collection Jeanette!
Lori USA 

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suemac said...

Love the fabrics in your block. Very nice.