Saturday, March 5, 2011

I have finished and posted my block for Joscelyn in the US. It was posted last Tuesday so it should reach her soon.
Unfortunately my computer is down and I am unable to post a sneak peek from my phone :-(
Hopefully Joscelyn will be able to post a photo when she receives the block. I am becoming quite excited with anticipation at the thought of receiving my block too - can't wait!


Linda G. (Stray Stitches) said...

Rochelle - if you would like me to post the picture for you, just email a copy to me.

Linda G

Rochelle said...

Thank you Linda but I don't think I can do that from my phone either.
I will try to get to my sisters this week and see if I can use her computer.
Thanks again Linda.
How incredibly frustrating computers can be, especially when you don't realize how much you rely on them when they are not working :-(

Q said...

Hope your computer woes end soon, as a sewing nerd and a computer geek, I would be beside myself if mine was on the fritz!

Rochelle said...

Oh Q, I am. I need a new wireless router but it just isn't in the budget at the moment. It is so hard not having it, especially when I am stuck in bed. How frustrating!