Monday, March 28, 2011

March block sent to Pat in Oregon

Pat in Oregon requested a STAR block. I have never made a star block, or if I have, I do not remember it. The pink background fabric I found on sale and planned to use in a baby quilt but it did not make the cut. The yellow fat qtr was in my stash hidden deep. I was so happy with the combination!
I guessed at the dimensions, since I did not have a pattern. Lining up the points was particularly challenging.
While I was sewing the squares together to complete the block, I had a small "episode" where I completely lost track of what I was doing. I doubted that I was even supposed to be making a star block. After quickly checking the computer, I validated that I was doing the right thing!! But I made some other "cognitive" mistakes during a 30 minute period that really scared me. Has not happened since and hope it does not happen again. I pride myself in my memory and quick thinking so this was quite different for me.
Thanks, Pat, for giving me the opportunity to make this bright star for you. And thanks to the BLOCK SWAP for getting my mind back on track!

Becky in Tulsa, OK


Karyli said...

Great bright colors and a great star. You did a fantastic job for a first time!

sunny said...

Wow - I would not normally like these colors, but this is beautiful! And you made it without a pattern? Way to go!

Linda G. (Stray Stitches) said...

Beautiful block. I love the bright color combination!!

Wendy said...

Such beautiful colors and a very nice star!

Q said...

This is gorgeous Becky! Love it too bits! I pride myself in my cognitive abilities too, but sometimes when stitching I do the craziest things... I think we all do ;)

GigiQuilts said...

Great colors! I love the fabric you chose.