Sunday, June 26, 2011

Block for Karyli

A sailing boat for Karyli

The block Karyli sent me
Late and Karyli knew it and that it would be posted this morning - Monday, but it is done and was fun to make. I'm using my stash when making these blocks but it's not making a dint at all, my range of blues while isn't to bad were mostly patterned so finding water and sky that didn't clash to badly and water with flowers is ok isn't it. Oh by the way if you want to see a full picture of the boat I will have one on my blog

I forgot to post the lovely block that I received last week from Karyli, no excuses except it is winter and I've had a cold. Sewing all my commitment has actually eased how bad I feel.
Sue S

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LynCC said...

Did you guys coordinate your colors on purpose? ;D I love your sky and water combo!!