Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mega Catch up Post!

I havent posted for a while but have still been sending and receiving blocks, so in case my partners had not got around to posting what they sent or received, here's the last few months blocks!


This is the block I sent to Margaret in LA - Antique Tile Block from Quilters Cache
and below is the block I received from Margaret.

Pam from PA sent me these two! blocks for November

And below is the monkey wrench block I sent her

And here are two sneak peeks for my December and January Swap Partners

This one is for December and is on its way to Natasha in Canada

This one is for January and is on its way to Jodi in CO
And this is the block I received from Jodi

phew... was fun to add so many pics at once hopefully I haven't stuffed anything up. Thanks to all my block parners so far!


Masha Novoselova said...

WOOOW!!! :) you have a good harvest!!

Linda G. (Stray Stitches) said...

So many blocks both sent and received.