Monday, July 2, 2012

Got my first block!

I got my first Block Swap today from Kathy in Ohio.  She said the colors reminded her of the Grand Canyon.  I'm in awe of the circular piecing.  How did you do that???  It's a great start to the Block Swap adventure!

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Kathy said...

It's Drunkard's Path. I cut the pieces with the Accuquilt GO! Baby and the Drunkard's Path die. The accuracy of the cutting really makes things match nicely. Some of the blocks were trimmed to make it a 12" block.

Then to piece them I used the "no pin" method that I watched somewhere... wish I could find that video. But you simply line up the edge and slowly stitch until you get to the center notch in the die cutout (crossing fingers it matches or kinda close) and then at the very end you use a pair of tweezers to match the edges of fabric.

Glad you liked the block!