Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prayer Quilt For...Aurora, Colorado - Still time....

Hello All,

Now i know this isnt a place where i am suppose to solicite,
But i know that you would all feel the same way.

Due to the recent events in Aurora Colorado, (you can check out the cbc reports if you havent heard, I wont repeat it here). The Quilt ministry i run Sown in Peace is sending a prayer quilt to the city of Aurora. http://sowninpeacequiltministry.wordpress.com/

We will pray over it for healing, peace, justice. We would love your help. Making this a World wide effort,  If your interested in donating a block or just fabric in aurora borealis like colours that would be a huge blessing. We are asking for 12.5 x 12.5 blocks be in the mail by Aug 11/2012 email me for mailing details sowninpeacequiltministry@rogers.com