Monday, September 3, 2012

A Peek and Two Finishes

Nancy H asked me to post the following for her:

Linda, what!! throw that wonderful block away?? Never, ever! They are both a perfect start to a new color line for me. I'm sorry the one came out a little large- was it supposed to be a 12" finished block? It looks great anyway and I'll have a place for it!
Here are the pictures of the 2 blocks and a sneak peak at yours. It is finished, I just need to get it mailed and will the first of the week.

** Note from me (Linda)**  The first start block is the one that turned out too big.  I didn't check my 1" square before starting out on the paper piecing template.  It was supposed to be a 12" block but ended up measuring 13 1/4".  Lesson  learned!!  I can't wait to see the block Nancy is creating for me out of the adorable fabric!


Zurn said...

Nice blocks....makes me think of lemonade :)

Debbie Nielsen said...

Love these! And love the B. Bears--reminds me of aaaalllll those books I read to my son years ago!