Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sneak peak for Jodi in Colorado

Well, Jodi, your Pinwheel block will be on its way from Tulsa, OK, to your home in Colorado tomorrow.  I have never waited this long to make a block but life interfered with my best of intentions. After completing the block, I brought it downstairs for my husband to see. He said that it was not up to my standards, so I had to make another one; of course, he was right!!  So you get 2 blocks instead of 1--and they are both the same fabric--but the second is a pinch better.
Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks again for your patience.

Becky in Tulsa, OK


GigiQuilts said...

I love the fabric that I can see in the sneak peek! I look forward to getting the block. I will be gone for two weeks so I will run to the Post Office as soon as I get back! I know I will love it! Jodi

GigiQuilts said...
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Linda G. (Stray Stitches) said...

Great fabrics!