Friday, May 27, 2011

Double the fun from Becky!!

Thank you Becky for the double pinwheels. They will look great in my quilt. I appreciate all your work on my blocks!! I love them! Thankful in Colorado.....Luv, Jodi

I hope you are safe from all the tornados that have hit Oklahoma!!

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Becky B said...

Glad you liked the Pinwheels; was not happy with one of them, so I had to make an other one (per my husband's directions). It was fun, however, and not so complicated--which was exactly what I needed at the time. Hope you enjoy. And, no, we did not get hit here in Tulsa, but we are so sad about Joplin (only 2 hours away) and are contributing to the many collection sites here in Tulsa. Might be time to get a storm shelter installed. It gets pretty scary with the sirens going off and sky color changing!!!