Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One I made, One I received!

I apologize for the picture quality. My camera is dying. Dropped it one to many times, I think. I just wanted to show you what's up with me. One of the first swaps in this adventure I had Jorie for a partner and she has moved at least twice since then and somewhere along the move, my block for her got lost in the mail or something. I loved that block and I don't have the fabric any longer. That said, I told her I would make her another one someday. This is it!!! The block on he left is what I made for her. The block on the right is what I received for April! Love it. I think they are both pretty awesome! What do you think?


Shannon said...

I love both of them. They are so great!

Linda G. (Stray Stitches) said...

Wonderful wonky stars!!