Saturday, February 23, 2013

CathyC catchup blocks

I have been remiss in posting some blocks here on the group blog, so here are some catch up photos

October swap

Sent to Lana

received from Lana

November & December blocks have been posted already by Linda & Jeanette, so I won't duplicate them

January 2013
Sent to Ann

Received from Ann

which brings me to BSA - February swap
Betty's Delight
block sent to Traci

received from Traci


Kevin the Quilter said...

You KNOW I love me a Dresden! Cool blocks!

Sewgreen said...

Those are lovely! Thank you for sharing!

Pen Pen said...

Love love LOVE that dresden!

Rev. Hoglen said...

I got my block today! LOVE IT. Thank you...
And your other blocks are WONDERFUL. Love the colors you choose.