Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thank You!

Debbie's so cool!  I got her gorgeous block yesterday:

But did she stop there? No! She sent a really lovely handwritten note with a quarter yard of some 30's fabric for me. 

Now I have 1 green piece, a bit of pink, and this blue.  :)   A nice little start for the 30's quilt I will one day make. The historian in me just cannot allow my quilt collection to miss something from this era!

Thank you so much, Debbie!


Debbie N said...

So glad everything arrived safe and sound and that you have "seen the light" re: your "need" to make a 30s quilt. ;) May I suggest The Worst Hard Time, by Pulitzer prize reporter Timothy Egan, for your reading pleasure in your...cough...spare time? I think you'd enjoy it. I'll look for that 30s quilt on your blog, friend!

LynCC said...

I have that book! I took a Plains History course about a year ago, and it was in the lineup of our readings. One of my favorites.