Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Trimmings

Were worth the wait! Ha!
Look how pretty my lovely September
"Pin-wheels" block is.
It's got a country, vintage appeal :)
Just what I love...
It was so funny this month Miss Linda really did such
a good job at partners as I had to do a block that is
so much my older daughter (my opposites)
& used her opinions on colors etc...
Making something that "was not"
country nor vintage!
On the other hand Elizabeth had to do her opposite as well!
Ah such is was fun & I am pleased! :)
Thank you Elizabeth for the lovely & so neatly made block...
and the pretty fabrics that  as well were tucked in my envelope!
Looks so much better than ...the lil-pile of trimmings! :)
Don't you think?
Blessings to you~


elizabeth said...

You were a wonderful swap partner : ) Glad you like your block!!

Stray Stitches said...

It was just the luck of the draw in your pairing but I'm glad it worked out so well. Beautiful block!

suemac said...

That block is really cute.