Monday, January 3, 2011

A Block For Brenda in Tennessee

Hello fellow block swappers :-)

Well not only is this my very first swap but it is also my very first block - EVER!!!

Brenda from Tennessee USA of Quilter Raised in the South Blog asked for happy colors like blues, greens, pinks and browns. I think I have managed to get all four into the one block :-) Just to challenge myself a little more. At first I chose really bright colours but after reading Brenda's blog, I realised that our interpretation of bright colours may have been a little different. I then changed my colour choices to try to match colours she has already used to match her tastes.

The fabrics I have chosen have a little bit of an Aussie twist,which I thought would be cool to send overseas.

It has taken me a little longer to get my sneek peek posted. As I do not own a sewing machine, I have been doing this all by hand, and enjoying the process completely, even starting my very first quilt journal as well.

I have also enjoyed getting to know Brenda a little and look forward to learning of Brenda's reaction to my block - will she like it?, Receiving my own block, what a mystery and meeting more of you swappers.

So, after all that - here is a sneek peek for Brenda...

Oh, and Brenda's tip of STARCH, STARCH, STARCH has been invaluable - thanks Brenda.

Have a wonderful day



Quilterrits said...

Oh Rochelle, that is so beautiful! I love the colors and the movement of the leaves. I am so excited, can't wait to see this block!

Rochelle said...

I'm so glad you like the colours :-) Can't wait for you to take delivery of it :-)

Staci said...

By hand? You did this block by HAND! Oh my goodness! What an amazing lady you are!!

Rochelle said...

Hi Staci, I'm actually finding it more accurate and a bit easier than using a machine. And enjoying the process as well. A little more time consuming but well worth it - for me anyway, a bit of a lead foot with the machine, when I can get my hands on one :-)

Linda G. said...

How special for Brenda to be receiving a hand pieced square. Three are not many out there that take the time to do that kind of work any more. Beautiful fabrics!

elizabeth said...

Beautiful, lovely.....well done!

quiltercaroline said...

You have done an amazing block - it looks great from what I can see and as your first ever block it is wonderful. I hope your partner loves it. I am like you and although I haven't hand pieced my first block, I love hand piecing and feel that sometimes it can be quicker than machine piecing and unpicking all the bits that go wrong!! Lol. I am have just finished hand piecing a sampler quilt and really enjoyed the process. Enjoy your continuing quilting journey. Caroline

Rochelle said...

Hi Caroline - thank you very much :-) So far I haven't had to unpick, I hope I don't have to either :-} I have measured and measured and measured, but that doesn't mean I won't make mistakes.
Although at first I was quite overwhelmed with this block, after seeking out a great tutorial, it was actually quite easy. I hope they are all like this :-)