Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wonky star for Jorie!!

This is my first block swap and I guess I hit the wrong button because I had my post all ready and it disappeared!

Jorie wanted jewel tones and a wonky star and since I didn't ask if she wanted to see the pic I am just showing a little preview.
I didn't think I would get it done today but I had some caffeine and I just can't stop myself.

I hope she likes it.



Jorie said...

Wow you DO work fast! I feel like I just finished replying to your email! I like a sneak peek better, too, it amplifies the anticipation while waiting to receive it! Looks great from what I see!

Rochelle said...

Looks very nice. Great happy colours.
I can't wait to see the entire block :-)

Linda G. said...

Great colors! Looking forward to seeing the entire block.

quiltercaroline said...

Hi I love the colours and can't wait to see the pattern in all it's glory. Happy quilting