Monday, January 10, 2011

Block from Linda

This lovely block arrived from Linda last week and while  I thanked Linda in a email forgot to post picture here. It was my block that I sent her that she posted about that reminded me I had yet to take a photo of her block to me. Life happens and gets in the way of sewing and blogging. Like weddings and being unwell but as most of you have seen or read about, there have been devastating floods in Queensland and Kris one of the OPAM lives in Toowoomba and has posted pictures from where her husband works.
Toni over at make it perfect is hosting a auction starting next Monday I'm thinking I might just have to join in and do something.


Staci said...

Very nice block. Love that swirly fabric.

Nanabanana said...

Very striking!

Rochelle said...

What a great block, it looks so 3 dimensional.